About MCF Communications

MCF Communications, a leader in the Wireless Infrastructure industry for more than 25 years, is a full-service provider of communication tower and wireless antennae sites. Using a wealth of industry experience, MCF Communications continues to grow and expand throughout the country and is your complete resource for wireless antennae sites, which includes, adding recurring revenue to your property, franchise locations and more.

Franchise, Property & Building Owners

Are you a Franchise Owner, Property Owner, Building Manager, Permitting Authority or an existing wireless antennae site? MCF Communications can work with your team to establish small cell wireless antennae connections and get you on your way to collecting additional monthly revenue! Our process is simple, cost-effective and will get you on your building or property connected! Contact us today to find out more about our partnerships.

MCF Wireless Mgmt. Brokerage Services

There are several steps in the wireless communication equipment deployment process. MCF is willing to work with your Company to provide the services required in order to maximize revenue from the carriers. We will jointly develop a scalable storewide process that could be utilized for each individual Company site, regardless of which types of wireless radio equipment is proposed, including all supporting documentation. The process at each phase  can vary depending on how we jointly develop the responsibility matrix for working together. MCF will provide these exclusive “Services” referenced in the Brokerage Services Agreement for a “Service Fee”  of the gross monthly rent received by the Company.

Marketing Phase 

  • MCF will execute Master Lease Agreement (MLA) with Company and then incorporate those terms and restrictions as part of the national lease agreement with each Carrier ( National and Regional )
  • MCF will then Market sites to carriers for Wireless Installation availability

Proposal Phase 

  • Once site is selected by carrier, preferable mounting location sketch including access plus utility easement paths will be generated for approval by Company or by MCF
  • Company provides a local site contact person designated for carrier project / construction team on-site interface.
  • Site candidate information & building plans are collected from Company and sent to MCF for evaluation by carrier
  • Site evaluation / design visit is scheduled if necessary
  • Site visit is completed and carrier has all information to confirm / propose use of the site
  • Carrier confirms equipment proposed including space and location preferences
  • MCF or Company approves equipment proposal and pricing
  • All site lease special terms ( pricing, language, locations ) are agreed to and signed by all parties : Carrier, MCF, and Company

Permitting Phase

  • Permitting applications submitted for all jurisdiction approvals as required
  • MCF / local Company owner approvals & signatures may be required to obtain site specific permits and easements from the public utilities at the street.

Construction Phase      

  • After all required permits are received
  • Backhaul / Data transport capacity is ordered  ( availability typically drives construction schedule )
  • Construction materials and antenna equipment are ordered and received
  • Construction crew is scheduled during acceptable timeframes, constructs, then powers up site.
  • Carrier RF (Radio Frequency) team test & tunes equipment – approves for use.
  • Local Company Site contact confirms to MCF that construction is complete to their satisfaction

Payment Processing 

  • MCF  will handle Carrier Rent commencement & collections & annual increases
  • MCF  sends Revenue share payments to Company

Post Construction/ Management Phase 

  • Post construction issues – site maintenance, equipment modifications & upgrades
  • MCF and Company will handle Lease renewal with carriers
  • Site restoration after termination / completion of wireless lease to Company satisfaction.