Small Cells


As the wireless industry evolves, the need for larger communication tower and rooftop sites has matured. Small cell sites are now being deployed to supplement existing Macro cell sites and are available in several sizes as dictated by the specific coverage gap needs.

MCF Communications’s expertise in the industry has propelled our business into the forefront of the carrier’s small cell deployments. Small cells are becoming a growing portion of the carrier’s heterogeneous radio networks, which include Macro cells, Micro cells, DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Pico cells, Femto cells, and Wi-Fi radios. Each of these radio systems have various capacity and coverage capabilities and need various amounts of space and power to deploy.  MCF Communications knows how to negotiate maximum “market” rates for these installations as well as manage any post installation issues that sometimes arise. Contact Us.


The footprint of these newer small cells is dramatically less than that of the older ‘macro sites’ and can be virtually unnoticeable to the naked eye.  These deployments are typically located on one story buildings and ancillary signs and lamp posts as opposed to the much larger rooftops and towers of the macro sites.  The demand for tens of thousands of these sites will dramatically change the income potential for landlords with multiple locations.

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