FAQCompanies can enter into an agreement with MCF Wireless Management to obtain recurring revenue from the mobile carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and others) by leasing space to mount their radio systems which typically includes antennas, radios, power and data connections on your properties. We have addressed some of the most frequently asked questions, but there are several variables to consider including the following:


could be over $2,000 per month or as low as $200.00 per month ( from each of the carriers) pending the type and volume of radio system proposed at each location. Each carrier may have different radio system needs for each of their individual networks which will be proposed if your location is selected by a carrier. You will always have the right to refuse or modify the proposal once received. Rental increases are automatic and can quickly increase as the radio systems evolve and change from older Second Generation (2G) to 3G to 4G to Future Generation systems.


concerns are always given consideration, and there are many ways to stealth or hide these systems to achieve your approval.

Radio System sizes are based on the number of users and signal distance and can range from:

3A = a smaller Pico cell with no external antennas and various dimensions typically 18”x8”x6”.

3B = Metro cells are similar in size to laptop computers typically 18”x12”x8”.

3C = Micro cells are smaller wall mounted or free standing cabinets typically 36”x36”x36”.

3D = Macro cells are larger free standing cabinets as much as 72”x60”x48”.

3E = External antennas of various sizes and shapes will be wired back into the radios.


runs are typically separate and dedicated for the carrier use, but options to sub-meter power and phone / internet connections can be used as necessary.


time will vary pending type of radio system, but can be as short as one day and can be scheduled as to not interfere with your primary business during off hours.

Longer term leases

Long term leases are typically  5 years plus renewals to 15-25 years total. This will help justify higher rents.

Project cost

All project costs are covered so there will be no out of pocket expenses to you except for whatever legal and construction approval resources you decide to involve if any.