Syscom Telecom & MCF Communications Partner for the Benefit of National Carriers

For Immediate Release:  October 31, 2016


Mike McFadden
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North Andover, MA 01845
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PROVIDENCE, RI – [date] Syscom Telecom and MCF Communications today announced a partnership between the two national telecom development companies in order to better serve carrier needs nationwide.

“We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with MCF Communications. By combining Syscom Telecom’s expertise in leveraging wireless antenna locations to improve business performance, with MCF Communication’s vision of the carrier grade industry, we can define exciting new opportunities for nationwide carrier transformation.” said Santiago Quintana M., Chief Executive Officer for Syscom.

SYSCOM Telecom offers over 77,000 locations nationwide to the wireless industry, including billboards and other complimentary infrastructure, while MCF Communications brings 20 years of experience in providing wireless infrastructure across the country at multi-location commercial buildings and franchises nationwide. Together Syscom Telecom and MCF Communications are co-innovating efforts to expand carrier capabilities nationwide. In doing so, Syscom Telecom and MCF Communications intend to increase wireless capabilities across the county. The two companies are working together to establish a dedicated effort to increase wireless carrier capabilities on a national scale.

“Partnering with Syscom Telecom will give MCF Communications a unique opportunity to attract national carriers to our network,” said Michael McFadden, President MCF Communications, “In doing so, this will expand the options for the larger, national carriers, and increase performance of those carriers across the country. Our goal for this partnership is to help better serve the needs of carriers nationwide.”

Today’s announcement with industry leader, Syscom Telecom and MCF Communications is another solid step in the journey to building out a substantial national wireless carrier foundation.  This partnership is intended to deliver additional wireless services to areas of the country with less than full wireless capabilities.

About Syscom Telecom

The company goal is to maximize the value of unconventional infrastructure by providing solutions to telecom operators. Syscom Telecom helps unleash the full potential of existing infrastructure and, in doing so, better serve users and improve the community’s quality of life. The Syscom Telecom services are geared at providing solutions, empowering infrastructure, and improving service nationwide. Syscom Telecom assists the telecommunications industry in minimizing deployment timelines and costs, based upon the current and future potential of existing infrastructure. Syscom Telecom also strives to unlock the potential of unconventional infrastructure by facilitating the needs of the telecommunications industry. This, in turn, working to improve service and help optimize communications by deploying better technology in the marketplace.

About MCF Communications

MCF Communications and its affiliates have been leaders in the wireless infrastructure business segment for over 20 years, offering extensive experience acquiring, developing and managing wireless connectivity sites nationwide. MCF Communications serves businesses across the country with streamlined access to cutting-edge wireless technology when they need it most. MCF Communications’ expertise in the wireless industry has propelled their business into the forefront of the carrier’s small cell and macro cell deployments across the country. Small cells and macro cells are becoming a growing portion of the carrier’s heterogeneous radio networks (Macro cells, Micro cells, DAS, Pico cells, Femto cells, and Wi-Fi radios). Each of these radio systems have various capacity and coverage capabilities and need various amounts of space and power to deploy.